Visa Assistance

We at Yearaab offer comprehensive visa assistance services for every student headed overseas for studies, including:

  1. Documentation: Upon successful admission into the desired university, a complete checklist is provided to the student which contains a list of all the documents required for the visa application.
  2. Viva Test: Our expert counselors conduct regular viva test with every individual student to help them prepare for their final interview at the embassy (if required by the destination country).
  3. Visa Appointment: Our experts will book a visa appointment date at the embassy on your behalf after confirming your availability and ensuring the completion of required documents
  4. Medical Appointment: In case the respective embassy requires a medical examination for visa processing, Yearaab will help you book an appointment at the relevant diagnostic center and also recommend suitable health insurance plans.

Yearaab takes immense pride in our industry-high 99% visa success rate.